Health & Safety

Health and safety is priority to everything we do at Excell. It influences the way we think, the way we plan, the way we construct and most importantly the way we perform on a day to day basis.

Working safely is a main core value for Excell Construction and we pride ourselves on our efforts to work incident and injury free. Our health and safety strategy moves us closer to our goal of operating with zero harm to employees, sub-contractors and the people around us. At Excell our focus is to implement the following detailed safety systems aimed to eliminate risk at work and to enhance a safe working environment and enables us to analyse information from accidents and incidents.

Project Plan Right: a key part of the planning process, designed to ensure all sub-contractors are aware of the risks and safety requirements with Excell Construction’ values before a new project begins

Daily Start Right: a daily briefing on site normally every morning given by Supply Chain supervisors to their teams, focusing on identifying and managing any new risks resulting from changes in conditions, location etc. This also informs of the daily site activities, deliveries etc. and is key part of the project co- ordination.

Project Manager Assessments: a process designed to ensure that all Excell project managers are competent and experienced, and fully up to date with all required accreditation and certification for the overseeing and successful delivery of the project.

Sub contractors Supervisor Assessment: A process for supply chain to ensure their site supervisors meet with Excell Constructions expectations and which allows us to engage and build relationships early and to enable the supervisors to understand Excell Constructions’ standards and requirements.

Project Safety Monitoring (PSM): a health and safety audit tool, completed on a weekly basis on all projects. Corrective actions are raised against any individual issues, this is also collated with weekly health and safety information updated by subcontractors and results allow us to identify trends and performances and enables us collate competent and safety minded contractors for future projects.


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